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This was due to dissatisfaction with the ads’ insufficient protection for vulnerable people and against gambling addiction. As a result, many Dutch gamblers have decided to choose unlicensed casinos instead of the ones that comply with AML laws.

|Online Casino in the Netherlands For Polish

Online casino in the Netherlands for Polish has only recently become possible, with the enactment of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act. Until then, Poles were officially unable to play in any casino that wasn’t operated by Totalizator Sportowy, which holds the only legal Polish online casino license.

That’s against EU rules, which require countries to offer their citizens a choice of licensed casinos. However, the Polish government has not loosened its grip on the sector yet.


With different deposit and withdrawal methods available, online casino players can find the one that best suits their needs. However, each payment option has its own negatives and positives. For example, some payment methods may take longer to process or come with additional fees.

In October 2021, the Netherlands introduced its first regulated online gambling market. The country’s governing body Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) established a set of rules to promote fair terms and combat fraud. It also required operators to participate in the CRUKS player exclusion register.